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Divide the PDF document into separate pages, save each page in a separate file.

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How to split PDF into separate files?

Just drag and drop files into the block to download or click "Select file" and download the result to your computer.

Preview will exclude errors.

Using the preview will select the desired pages of the document. Choose the necessary pages by clicking with the mouse or enter their numbers.

Friendly interface and ease of use

No additional applications, installations and settings are needed. Just open your Internet browser, go to our website and work.

Totally free.

All for free. No fees, commissions. Open the site, process documents, get the result.

Security and privacy processing.

The process of separating a document is anonymous and confidential. Source and received data are deleted automatically and are not accessible to anyone.

All tasks with PDF are done in the cloud.

Our server will do all the tasks you need (split, extract, delete) with PDF files.
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