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Reduce the size of PDF files using a special compression algorithm

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How to compress a PDF document?

Drag the file you need into a special block on this page or select it in the computer folder. Processing will start automatically. After that, download the compressed file to your device.

Good quality to file size ratio.

The optimum quality and size of the scanned PDF document is achieved at 144dpi. This is a great option for emailing.


Download the document and get the result. The service will reduce the size of the DPF file very quickly and will not require unnecessary actions from you - this is very convenient, is not it?


You can work from any operating system: Windows, MacOs, Android, Linux, iOs. We only need an Internet browser, access to the Internet and our website.

Security and privacy.

We do not store user documents on the site. All data is deleted automatically. This ensures that no one receives your sensitive data.

Compress PDF online.

All processes occur on the cloud server. You don’t need to waste the resources of your device and install any programs.
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