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What is PDF format?

PDF-Portable Document Format is a universal document format created by Adobe Systems for working with images, fonts, printing layouts and multimedia. It is the world standard in the field of digital document management, supported by all manufacturers of printing equipment and office software.

How I can open a PDF file?

There are a lot of utilities for working with PDF files. The main one is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. In addition, all modern Internet browsers and a number of third-party SOFTWARE work with such files, for example: ABBYY FineReader, STDU Viewer, Evince, Foxit Reader and others.

How to read a PDF file?

In order to read a PDF file, you need a program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, from the MS Office Suite or any modern Internet browser.

Cannot print PDF file?

The file is probably locked by the creator from printing. You can remove the protection of the PDF file on our website, or using special software, for example, using the Adobe Acrobet Reader program in the Protection section.

Why does not the PDF file open?

Perhaps you do not have the right software for reading this type of file, the document is damaged or locked with a password. Try installing the PDF reader software or, if necessary, use the special section to remove protection on our website.

What PDF programs exist?

A huge number of programs for working with PDF files for all operating systems have been created. The most popular programs are Adobe Reader, Brava!, Foxit, Jaws, Nitro.